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About the Unique Ox Horn Crafts

Do you wish to have a memorable adventure? Then, you should try to travel to Pucang Village where you can learn more about unique crafts made from ox horns. Pucang Village is located in Magelang, Indonesia. This village is situated 3 Km away from the main road of Magelang-Semarang. Pucang Village in Magelang is considered as the center of horn crafts. Ox horns and buffalo horns are suitable materials to be made as crafts since they are strong, durable, and safe. This is why the crafters in Pucang Village prefer to use ox horns and buffalo horns to make unique and artsy crafts.

The crafters in Pucang Village get the horns from other various regions in Indonesia. Such as Kalimantan and Sumatera. Those horns are then turned into various decorative crafts. For example, bowls, key chains, jewelry boxes, rings, bracelets, pencil cases, miniature Harley Davidson, and many more. Most of the buyers think that the horn crafts will be able to make their houses look more exotic and decorative. The horn crafts made by Pucang Village crafters are also suitable to be given as wedding souvenirs. The materials used are genuine, durable, selected, and high-quality. So, you can have the decorative horn craft at your house for a long time.

The horns used are already tested to prove the quality and durability. Making ox horn crafts is quite complicated and takes quite many times. It also needs extra patience. That is the reason why the ox horn crafts become the icon of Pucang Village. The crafts manage to get into international markets. The ox horn crafts from Pucang Village are exported to some countries, such as Australia, the Middle East, Brazil, Japan, and also the United States of America. It is even said that the locals of Pucang Village have been ox horn crafters since hundred years ago. In 1980, the crafts had been exported to France and the Netherlands.

The ox horn crafters in Pucang Village never formally learn about how to make ox horn crafts. They got the skills from their parents and ancestors. Instead, people from other cities in Indonesia come to Pucang Village to learn about how to make the crafts. Ox horn crafts from Pucang Village are available in various patterns, colors, and strength. Making ox horn crafts does not only require skills and artsy touches. But it also requires patience. It takes quite a long time. They can produce 3 horn spoons in a day since it is easy and simple. But for something more complicated, it needs days.

Besides being sold, the crafters also make an exhibition to show off the ox horn crafts. In 2000, the locals built a showroom where the crafts are displayed. About the price, it is varied. The price ranges from IDR 25.000 or around $2 to tens of dollars. It depends on the complexity of the products. Even though the crafters face some issues, the local government supports this business so that ox horn crafts are getting more established.

Dilihat 2200 kali

Small But Mighty: Miniature Zebu Cattle

Miniature Zebu’s have been around for thousands of years, with their roots coming from off the coast of Southern India. Miniature Zebu’s are also native to Southeast Asia and Africa. With this climate the breed was able to develop a high tolerance to heat and insects. Their ability to do this is thanks to sweat glands and a highly active sub-dermal twitching muscle.

Disease fears hit cattle trade with Indonesia

Livestock export player Wellard says the cattle trade with Indonesia has slowed to a trickle amid animal disease outbreaks in what is by far Australia’s biggest market. Wellard also noted a continuing decline in sheep shipments from Australia to the Middle East as the Albanese government moves to shut down the trade.

Farm House Lembang: One Attraction with Multiple Stunning Spots in Bandung

Farm House Lembang One Attraction with Multiple Stunning Spots in Bandung
When you have a chance to visit Bandung, West Java, Indonesia for holiday, one of the tourist spots you need to visit is Farm House Lembang. Located on Lembang Highway, it is not difficult to reach, just make sure you are on the right road to Lembang. Interestingly, this area has been known for many years as a destination to vacation even before the farmhouse was opened. Therefore, many inns and hotels are available around with various types and prices.

Apparently, Sausages in Indonesia Are Not From Beef

Sausage is certainly one of favorite foods in the world. It is produced in different countries under different names. As a result, people know different types of sausage, depending upon the ingredients, production process, taste, and casing. For instance, Italian people have Bologna sausage, French people have Lyon Sausage, and people of England know Berkshire, Lincolnshire, or Wiltshire sausage. The sausage is mostly named after the city or area, where it is made.

Dendeng Batokok, This Food is Made From Beaten Meat

Having multi-cultural society, Indonesia is known for culinary richness. Every region in this country has its specific foods. One of areas in Indonesia that is known rich cuisine is West Sumatera, which is known for so many specific foods. The most popular ones include rendang and sate padang. Besides these two popular foods, there is also dendeng or beef jerky, which is also available in some variants. Dendeng or Indonesian beef jerky is a specific food from West Sumatera.

The Tradition of "Sapi Gerumbungan" Buleleng Bali Indonesia

What is Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali Indonesia? Bali is very popular island both in Indonesia and all over the world. Everybody knows Bali. Every Indonesian has a dream to visit Bali andenjoy its beauty. The people around the world will never satisfy if they have a chance to visit Indonesia, but not visiting Bali. Bali is even more popular than Indonesia itself. As an Island which has become the main tourist destination by people all around the world, Bali has many to offer its visitors.