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Mesothelioma Cancer, Why You Must Stop Building a Cattle Roof with Asbestos Sheets

The Relation between mesothelioma cancer and Asbestos Sheets. The study has revealed that asbestos exposure in workplaces could increase the risk of mesothelioma and other respiratory diseases. Mesothelioma is cancer that can happen to human and livestock. The cells of tumors grow rapidly leading to disturbing the immune system in several organs. They appear in lungs, abdomens, and hearts. The tumors are rare in animals. Some cases can be found in livestock, cattle, and other species like a cat, dog, horse, and cattle.

In human cases, the diseases were known in 1900. The bad effects of asbestos already widely known for years after the public has realized the fact. It's about the asbestos leads to an increased number of mesothelioma cancer incidents. Most of the victims are workers who carried their work in mining sites and constructions. But some workplaces such as the farming industry and households have the same potential events.

Despite the cases are rarely found in the agricultural and livestock industry. The use of asbestos for buildings should be aware of from now on. Especially if you have a small business in cattle farming. Small business tends to choose cheaper material but long-lasting products as a cost-effective solution. But is it a really wise decision? Should you let the potential hazard of asbestos give more harmful effects to your body of your cattle?




Asbestos is a cheap product with its function to cover the barn from the rays, rains, and bad weather. You can find so many cattle farmer in rural area use asbestos sheets for the roof of the cattle barn. It is easy to find and basically can provide good work for protecting the cattle from the hot temperatures and humidity. It will work even better if combined with good ventilation around the cattle housing system.

Actually, it's not dangerous at all, if it is new and not a second product. So, if you want to replace your old sheet of asbestos, you couldn't sell or reuse it. The fibers of asbestos might be spread out. Then, the air contaminated with the microscopic particles can be absorbed into human. Slowly it will decrease the function of the human body. The process runs for years before it is transformed into cancer. In the end, the fibers can cause deadly lungs diseases and other respiratory diseases.





1. Metal panel

People use the metal panel for roofing cattle confinement because it is a really strong material with long-term quality. It has durability for years up to 50 years. The metal panel can be used for roofing and siding the barn to protect it from humidity damage. The installation is just once and no need to add extra cost. It's totally a good investment. Although a bit expensive in your first year, but the durability makes it stay longer.

The metal panel is the expensive price. You also need to coat the surface with additional coatings to protect the metal from corrosion. You will also need extra maintenance for keeping the confinement clean from dirt and cattle waste.


2. Shingle Roof

Some people prefer a shingle roof to the metal panel. In the warm climate countries, it would be helpful to make the surroundings cooler. Another advantage is that no condensation from a shingle roof.

You may consider adding insulation to cope with the condensation.


3. Palm thatch roof

Surprisingly it is durable and long-lasting material for roofing. The palm thatch roof can easily be found in a rural area near the beaches of the tropical islands. This roof is able to withstand the wind and heavy rains. It is also a good option for cattle farming in tropical countries. Because the sun rays exposure can be so high and the climate is hot. The thatched roof can make the barn cooler with several ventilation installed.

Additionally, it might be suitable for cold weather too. Not only the natural looks of the thatch roof is exotic, but also it features the weather-resistant, economic, and sustainable products. Showing another benefit from the palm thatch roof that works well for all environments.

If you live in an area with high-level humidity, this palm thatch roof will be easily damaged. Additionally, cows and calves waste is another problem. Not only it will make the barn smells awfully in a barn with a palm thatch roof, but also it will cause the disease from accumulated bacteria. The non-hygienic barn makes the cattle sick or stress. You may consider spending more cash on adding some ventilation. Another solution, you might create the confinement/barn type with loose and airy design.

Other materials like fiberglass, zinc, or wood are good enough to protect the cattle barns. But surely you have to compare the materials with each other. Since every product has its own advantages and disadvantages based on specific circumstances.




  • The asbestos sheets are proven as the cause of some serious respiratory diseases, lungs cancer, and other respiratory diseases. The risk of mesothelioma cancer is higher especially for occupational groups that use asbestos products. Another research also has shown that non-occupational dangers like in agricultural, farming, household and building-occupant exposures, also take a place in relation to the diseases.
  • The study result about mesothelioma cancer showed us the fact that not only it happens to human. But also how the bad effects of asbestos fibers can happen to cattle.
  • The asbestos sheets are widely known as the economic choice for roofing for houses and barns. The new asbestos sheets can be considered as a safe product. You need to regularly replace the old sheets with the new ones after several years.
  • When you replace the asbestos roofing, please stay alert when the sheets are damaged. Be cautious because the particles of fibers can enter the human lungs. As well they can be ingested in human bodies. Use a protective mask to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Actually no clear explanation about how many doses of asbestos exposure can be damaged for our health. Not all people exposed to the same doses of asbestos get the same effects and symptoms. A number of factors such as healthy lifestyle, genetics, smokers or nonsmokers, and how long the exposure happens to individuals, play more important roles related to the development of the disease.


If you feel some symptoms like the pain in the lungs, faster heartbeat, coughing, or hard to breathe, you may visit the doctor to know the real diagnosis of your disease. Is it mesothelioma cancer, asbestos-related disease, or another health problem? Ask the health experts what to do next. Actually, so many small cattle farmers are unaware of the dangers of the asbestos sheets as the cattle house roofing. How about you? What is your decision to pick the best roof material for your cattle barn?

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