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Over 1.2 Million Cows Vaccinated Against FMD: Task Force

A total of 1,202,282 cows have received the foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccine as of Wednesday noon, the FMD handling task force has reported. According to the task force's report received in Jakarta, no animals other than cows have been vaccinated against FMD.

FMD has so far spread to 286 districts and cities in 24 Indonesian provinces, the report stated.

Since May 5, 2022, as many as 481,907 heads of livestock, comprising 459,046 cows, 17,515 buffaloes, 1,708 sheep, 3,550 goats, and 88 pigs have been infected with FMD.

At least 307,697 of the 481,907 infected animals have recovered, comprising 293,144 cows, 10,955 buffaloes, 1,195 sheep, 2,371 goats, and 32 pigs.

Meanwhile, 158,195 infected animals have not recovered, comprising 150,234 cows, 6,371 buffaloes, 478 sheep 1,056 goats, and 56 pigs.

The number of animals that have died of FMD has reached 6,329, comprising 6,136 cows, 121 buffaloes, 27 sheep, and 45 pigs.

To curb FMD transmission, the government has made several efforts, including vaccinating livestock, restricting animal movement, controlling traffic, conducting surveillance, prohibiting the entry of livestock from other areas, strict quarantine, good maintenance management, improving sanitation, and regularly disinfecting cages and surrounding environments.

The task force said it expects Indonesia to record zero FMD cases by the end of 2022.

"We are working with a time frame of six months since the task force was created. We hope that at the end of this year, we can control the situation in which the number of reported positive cases will decline from time to time," government spokesperson for FMD handling, Wiku Adisasmito, said.

Six Indonesian provinces have been declared free of new FMD cases, the task force reported.

The efforts to reduce the FMD caseload have involved strict control and routine coordination between the central and regional governments for preventing further transmission of the disease, Adisasmito said.


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