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Try Bone Carving to Complete Your Traveling in Bali

Its natural beauty and unique culture make Bali become one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in the world. This island of gods is always crowded with visitors and tourists all over the year. Besides its culture and nature, the arts also become one of the tourist attractions in Bali. From dances, paintings, sculptures, and carvings. For you who love carvings, you should try bone carvings when you are traveling to Bali, especially to Tampak Siring.



Tampak Siring is situated in Gianyar, Bali. Besides famous for its gorgeous Tampak Siring Palace, this place is also known as a bone carving center in Bali. The talented crafters in Tampak Siring manage to produce various beautiful masterpieces made from animals’ bones. Starting from the utilization of cow and buffalo bone waste, the crafters in Tampak Siring turn the bone waste into something unique and decorative. The bones used are varied. Ranging from fish bones, cow bones, buffalo bones, horns, and elephant ivory.

According to the crafters, bones are better than woods. It is because bones are harder and sturdier than woods. Moreover, every part of animal bone has its own complexity. This artsy business does not require a huge fund. Given the thought that it uses the waste of animal bones.



The price of carved bone products sold in Bali is varied. It depends on the size and complexity level. For example, a necklace that is made from carved bones costs IDR 100.000 or around $8. While a statue as high as 15 cm made from thigh bones costs IDR 500.000 or around $35. The price is not that expensive. Remembering how hard it is to make the crafts. The making process of carved head bones requires as quickly as a week. But if the crafters get raw materials, they need more than a week. This is one of the factors why bone crafts in Bali are quite pricey.



The chief of the Indonesian Handycraft Entrepreneur Association mentioned that the United States of America is the main market of Balinese bone crafts. The bone crafts are exported to other countries, but mostly to the US. The demand for bone crafts has been increasing from year to year. Unfortunately, the bone crafters are limited in Bali, only in Tampak Siring. Moreover, they often face some issues. Such as bone materials and monotonous designs. This is why bone crafters are working hard to be more innovative when it comes to carving designs.

Balinese bone crafts are actually favored both in the domestic markets and foreign markets. However, not so many products in the market that meet the buyers’ preferences. The carving designs offered are relatively few.

That is about Balinese bone carving. If you are into the arts so much, there is nothing wrong to visit Tampak Siring when you are traveling to Bali. There, you can learn how to make the crafts and buy one for souvenirs.

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Over 1.2 Million Cows Vaccinated Against FMD: Task Force

A total of 1,202,282 cows have received the foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccine as of Wednesday noon, the FMD handling task force has reported. According to the task force's report received in Jakarta, no animals other than cows have been vaccinated against FMD.

The Tradition of "Sapi Gerumbungan" Buleleng Bali Indonesia

What is Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali Indonesia? Bali is very popular island both in Indonesia and all over the world. Everybody knows Bali. Every Indonesian has a dream to visit Bali andenjoy its beauty. The people around the world will never satisfy if they have a chance to visit Indonesia, but not visiting Bali. Bali is even more popular than Indonesia itself. As an Island which has become the main tourist destination by people all around the world, Bali has many to offer its visitors.

STMJ, Healthy Indonesian Drink from Ginger, Eggs, Milk and Honey

Enjoying a cup of hot drink is a great way to beat the cold weather, right? Of course, you need something that is not only hot but also healthy. In Indonesia, there is a healthy drink called STMJ. Name of the drink is actually derived from Susu (milk), Telur (egg), Madu (honey), and Jahe (ginger). The drink contains healthy ingredients, particularly egg and ginger. Meanwhile, milk and honey serve as the sweetener to replace sugar.

Texas Longhorn

History - The Texas Longhorn was fashioned entirely by nature in North America. Stemming from ancestors that were the first cattle to set foot on American soil almost 500 years ago, it became the sound end product of "survival of the fittest". Shaped by a combination of natural selection and adaptation to the environment, the Texas Longhorn is the only cattle breed in America which - without aid from man - is truly adapted to America. In his book The Longhorns, J. Frank Dobie states this…

This Festival is A Form of Citizen’s Love for Dairy Cows

A cow is just an animal used for many purposes but for people who live at Kecamatan Sendang, Kabupaten Tulungagung, East Java, cow has deep meaning and long history for them. In the mountain area located near Tulungagung, there is a place which is famous with the high quality milk in national scale. It is no wonder that cow is so special among them and there is a festival named Wuye which is created as the day celebration based on the Javanese calendar called “Weton” as the birth of the cow.

Apparently, Sausages in Indonesia Are Not From Beef

Sausage is certainly one of favorite foods in the world. It is produced in different countries under different names. As a result, people know different types of sausage, depending upon the ingredients, production process, taste, and casing. For instance, Italian people have Bologna sausage, French people have Lyon Sausage, and people of England know Berkshire, Lincolnshire, or Wiltshire sausage. The sausage is mostly named after the city or area, where it is made.