Ir. Yono Cahyanto Raharjo MSc. Agr.

"Ahli Ternak Kelinci"

Ir. Yono Cahyanto Raharjo MSc.Agr., PhD, mendapatkan gelar sarjana pertanian (jurusan Teknologi Pangan) pada tahun 1976 dari Institut Pertanian Bogor. Pendidikan S2 (Jurusan Biochemistry and Nutrition) ditempuh pada University New England, Armidale Australia dan mendapatkan gelar Master of Science Agricultural (M.Sc.Agr) lulus pada tahun 1983. Sedangkan pendidikan doktoral (Ph.D) jurusan Animal Science pada Oregon State University lulus pada tahun 1987.

Jenjang fungsional Ahli Peneliti Utama diperoleh pada tahun 1995 dengan bidang penelitian Makanan Ternak. Sedangkan pertama kali menduduki jabatan fungsional pada Ajun Peneliti Muda diperoleh pada tahun 1986.




1. PhD Animal Nutrition. Dept Animal Science. Oregon State University. Corvallis, Oregon. USA 1987
2. MSc Agr Animal Nutrition. Dept Biochemistry and Nutrition. University of New England. Armidale, NSW.Australia 1981
3. Ir. Food Technology. Fac. Agricultural Engineering and Food Harvest Technology. IPB. Bogor. Indonesia. 1976


1. Analytical Chemistry, Laboratory Instruments, Biochemistry. Bogor Indonesia 1977
2. Agricultural Research Methodology. Kansas State University. Manhattan, Kansas, USA. 1982
3. Management Information System. Agency for Agricultural Research and Development. Jakarta 1988
4. Evaluation of Research Scientist Resources. Jakarta 1988
5. Linnear Programming for Feed Formulation 1989
6. Crocodile Conservation, Management and Husbandry. Darwin. North Australia. Australia 1993
7. Course on Birdnest Swiftlet Production. Tuban. East Java 1997
8. SWOT analyses. Agency for Agricutural Technology and development (AARD). Jakarta 1999
9. Logical Framework for Research Management. AARD 2000


C.Employment History

1. 1976 Production Manager PT. Alam Jaya. Jakarta. Fruit and Milk Processiong
2. 1977-1978 Trainee Central Research Insitute for Animal Science. Dir. Gen. Animal Production
3. 1982-1983 Coordinator, Duck Program Indonesian Research Institute for Animal Production (IRIAP)
4. 1983-1984 Coordinator,  Minor Livestock Program  IRIAP
5.  1987-1989 Research Coordinator  IRIAP
6.  1991-1992 Coordinator, Poultry and Minor Livestock  IRIAP
7. 1992-1993 Member, Indonesia Crocodile Conservation Team Dir. Gen. Forest Protection and nature Conservation Dept. Forestry
8. 1997-2002 Member, In House R&D AARD Team to assist AIAT AARD
9. 2004-2007 Coordinator, RIAP technologi for RIAP
10. 2007 OC, International Seminar on Rabbit Production in Indonesia I. Bogor 2017 Central Research Institute for Animal Production (CRIAS)
11. 2013 OC, International Seminar on Rabbit Production in Indonesia II. Bali 2013 RIAP
12. 1995-2017 Senior Research Scientist RIAP
13. 2017- Consultant Jonggol Fram Rabbit


D. Organization

No. Organisation Position Tahun
1. Honour Society of Gamma Sigma Delta. OSU. Corvallis, Oregon, USA Member 1987
2. American Society of Animal Science Member 1986
3. Indonesian Society of Animal Science Head 1988-1992
Foreign Affair member 1992-2014
4. Crocodile Specialist Group of the SSC-IUCN Steering Committe 1992-2004
5. American Rabbit Breeders Association Member 1992-2000
6. Indonesia Biednest Swiftlet Association Head of R&D Dept 1996-1997
7. National Rex Rabbit Club, USA member 1996-2000
member 2010-2012
8. National Geographic Society member 2004-2005
9. World Poultry Science Association (Masy. Ilmiah Perunggasan Indonesia (MIPI) member 2006-2017
10. World Rabbit Science Assoc. member 2006-now
11. Indonesian Branch-World Rabbit Science Associ. – Himpunan Masy. Perkelincian Indonesia (HIMAKINDO Chairman 2014-now
member 2014-now
12. Asian Rabbit Production Association (ARPA) General Secretary 2009-now


E.Scientific Publication – up to 2016

1. Publication in Indonesian 107
2. Publication in English 63
Jumlah Publikasi 170


F. Teaching Experience

N0. Year Position-Subject Institution
1. 1982 Assist. Lecturer- Food Chemistry Uni.Pakuan.Bogor
2. 1986 Assist. Lecturer. Animal Science Course - AnS 323 Oregon State Uni. Oregon USA
3. 1988 Instructure - Biochemistry Course for S2-S3 traine IPB-AAUCS Australia
4. 1993 Instructure – Crocodile Management Course G.Webb.Co.Ltd. Darwin. Austral.
5. 1998 Instructure – Crocodile Management Course AARD
6. 1999 Instructure - Handling and Processing  of Animal Products AARD
7. 2000 Instructure –Log-Frame for Research Management Program AARD
8. 2013 Lecturer- General Lecture on Potential, Prospect and Problems in Rabbit Agribusiness Uni. Mulawarman, Samarinda
9. 2013 Lecturer- General Lecture on Potential, Prospect and Problems in Rabbit Agribusiness Uni. Sam Ratulangi Manado
10. 2013 Lecturer- General Lecture on Potential, Prospect and Problems in Rabbit Agribusiness Uni. Pajajaran Bandung
11. 1982-2016 Supervisor for ~ 50 S1 students 4 S2 and 6 S3 students  Universities


G. International Seminar/Visits : 

Australia, USA, Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, China, Colombia, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Zimbabwee, Italy and Hungary

Kumpulan Ilmu Pengetahuan & Teknologi Untuk Peternak Sapi




"Marosok" Sumatera Barat: A Unique Transaction System in West Sumatra, Indonesia

What is Marosok Sumatera Barat? - A Special tradition in doing a transaction called marosok in West Sumatra is a unique way of transaction. The word marosok can be described as an activity of touching, feeling and holding something without seeing it but just trying to feel it using the brain and the feeling.

The tribe of Minangkabau is one of Indonesia’s ethnics which is famous for the ability of doing transaction. It is believed that they inherit the ability of their ancestors from the Melayu kingdoms where the people liked to trade. One of unique tradition is marosok Sumatera Barat, a technique of trading used in trading especially for the livestock such as cows or bulls.