"Karapan Sapi Brujul" Probolinggo: One of Cultural and Creative Industries of the City

What is Karapan Sapi Brujul Probolinggo? - Probolinggo is regency located on the east of East Java province. It has many kinds of tourism objects; the most popular is Mount Bromo. With its cultural tradition ceremony of Kasada by Tengger people around the mountain, Bromo has become the most attractive spot for tourists both local and abroad. Another Cultural and Creative Industries that also attracts people to come and visit Probolinggo is called Karapan sapi brujul.



The event is more or less similar to the cow race held in Madura. Since geographically Probolinggo is close to Madura Island, some traditions may be found having a lot of similarities.




An Overview of Karapan Sapi Brujul, Cultural and Creative Industries Probolinggo City


Tradition and a cultural event of Karapan sapi brujul in Probollinggo is done to celebrate the coming of harvest time for the farmers in Probolinggo. The farmers hold a unique way to celebrate their happiness and use the event as a means of keeping the good relationship among the farmers.


Karapan sapi brujul is one of heritage from the ancestors of the local people. The tradition has been found done by people since 1981. At the beginning, the event is done immediately without any prior preparation. That time, to plough the field people used cow. To get rid of the boredom, the farmers then do the race for fun in the field which is muddy and still full of water.


Now a days, karapan sapi brujul, the Cultural and Creative Industries has become a regular event done in Probolinggo with many spectators flooded the arena. The event has also become a primary event held in Semipro (Seminggu di Kota Probolinggo), an annual event done by the government of Probolinggo regency to promote its city as one of the tourism destination.




The Term “Brujul”


When you heard karapan sapi brujul Probolinggo, it might sound unfamiliar for your ears. The word “brujul” was taken as the name of the race because the cows used in the race are still “brujul” means very young.




The Race


Unlike karapan sapi in Madura, the contestants here are demanded to race in the muddy track as long as 175 meters and 35 meters wide. The cows are ornamented with some nice accessories like, the head scarfs, and crown. A couple of cows are put together with a block of woods, behind the cows is available a little space for the jockey to control the cows in the race.


To support the cows and the jockey, there are some men in a team who act as the cheerleaders. They play some musical instruments to cheer up their team. The cows are usually prepared well by the owner before the race. They pay attention carefully especially on their meal given to the cows. They have to make sure that the cow is powerful enough for the race and finally be able to win the race.




Karapan Sapi Madura vs Karapan Sapi Brujul Probolinggo


Although both karapan sapi are alike, there are some differences that we can spot between the two.


1. The Cow

In karapan sapi Madura, the cows used for the race are selective adult male which has strong and growth muscle. They are commonly chosen for the large size of the body and the strength. While the cows involved in karapan sapi brujul are the young cows. Even the name “brujul” is taken from the young cows used for the race, since brujul actually means very young.


2. The Track

Karapan sapi Madura uses normal land as the race-track, while karapan sapi brujul in Probolinggo uses the field as the arena of the race. The muddy and watery field even has its own charm for the tourists and brings different sensation for the contestant.


3. The Wager and the Pride

Karapan sapi Madura has offer more than just a race or a game, the self-esteem of the owner is also put in the bet during the race. When the cows win, their pride will be soaring high, but when they lose, their pride is just like be put under the shoes. And the price of his cows can drop sharply. In karapan sapi brujul, people are only doing it for fun, at the beginning, but then as it is taken into serious tournament, the owner of the cows are more likely interested to the prize given rather than the bet.


4. The Cheerleaders Team

The karapan sapi Madura doesn’t have a team like the ones in Probolinggo. A team in karapan sapi Maduraonly consists of a couple of cows, and a jockey. But in karapan sapi brujul, you can find more than just a couple of cow and a jockey. The cow and the jockey are indeed the main player of the race. But they are also supported by some men who play traditional musical instruments to cheers up their main players

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Kudis Adalah Jenis Penyakit Menular Pada Sapi, Ini Obatnya!

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Aneka Jenis Konstruksi Bangunan Kandang Sesuai Kondisi Fisiologis Sapi

Hewan ternak seperti sapi perah perlu diberi tempat tinggal sesuai dengan kebutuhannya. Sapi-sapi tersebut tidak bisa ditempatkan dalam satu jenis konstruksi bangunan kandang yang sama karena akan memengaruhi kesehatannya. Perkembangan teknologi saat ini memiliki peran penting bagi para peternak. Di Negara maju, penerapan pola beternak modern memperlihatkan hasil yang signifikan. Berbeda dengan cara ternak sapi perah tradisional yang pada akhirnya kalah bersaing di pasar global.
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    Tak terasa kita sudah di penghujung tahun 2019. Bagaimana, masih punya semangat untuk bisnis sapi? Atau sudah mengambil keputusan untuk beralih pada bidang usaha lain? Bagi yang sudah cukup lama menekuni bidang usaha ini, sepertinya sulit untuk meninggalkannya begitu saja. Bisnis sapi sudah seperti "way of life", alias jalan hidup, karena banyak sekali suka dan duka yang dialami yang menjadikan kita seperti sekarang ini.