The Tradition of "Sapi Gerumbungan" Buleleng Bali Indonesia

What is Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali Indonesia? - Bali is very popular island both in Indonesia and all over the world. Everybody knows Bali. Every Indonesian has a dream to visit Bali andenjoy its beauty. The people around the world will never satisfy if they have a chance to visit Indonesia, but not visiting Bali. Bali is even more popular than Indonesia itself. As an Island which has become the main tourist destination by people all around the world, Bali has many to offer its visitors.

The beauty of the nature from lake, beaches, and mountains are incredibly breathtaking. Its various cultural tradition ceremonies have also offered something more than just an entertainment. One of its interesting traditions is called Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali Indonesia. If you ever watched karapan sapi (cow race) in Madura, then Sapi Gerumbungan is another version of this race.


However, while karapan sapi is a real race among the cows, Sapi Gerumbungan is more like an art exhibition. Still, it has become one the unique attractions in Buleleng Bali.






The Competition of Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali


Buleleng is an area where many people work as farmers who usually use their cows to plough the field. When the ancestors have a good result in harvest, they would like to show their gratitude to God by holding a celebration. This event is then inherited by the people in Buleleng then they preserve that tradition into the Sapi Gerumbungan event.




1. The Cow; Not every cow can join the event. Only the male cows are allowed for the event. The people are very selective in choosing the cows. The cows chosen should be in a good shape with stern and strong power. Then the people prepare those chosen young male cows for the Gerumbungan. The cows are then trained to do the uniform movements like soldiers who are marching. They are also trained to curl their tails and to put their heads up high.




2. The bell; The word gerumbungan means a big bell. The bell, which is like a church bell, is then tied up around the cow’s neck along with some accessories to beautifythe cows.


3. The criteria; There are some criteria applied to decide who’s going to be the winner of the competition. The judgment includes: the appearance of the cow, the accessories applied, and the most important part the harmony of the cow’s movements. Here, the excellence of a jockey is required. Moreover, if he could make the cow create certain unique attraction, that will be a plus point for the judges.






Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali Indonesia as One of Tourist Attractions


The unique tradition of Sapi Gerumbungan has become one tourist attractions in Bali. The local government then set the event to be held annually. The event is held mainly to celebrate the birthday of Singaraja city, and to be competed for the Regent Cup. Counted quite rare to join a competition, the event has made more people curious and that give even more motivation for the people to watch Sapi Gerumbungan event.


The event is held only for two hours from 8 a.m. to 10a.m., on Sundays in the month of August. What is more interesting about it is that when there is a tourist would like to try to a jockey, a guide can help him to do the task. And no need to be afraid, because all the cows are trained ones and there’s no possibilities for the cows to be mad.






Other Attractions in Buleleng Bali Indonesia


Buleleng is one the best tourism spots in Bali that you must visit when you have a plan to have a trip to Bali. Its beauty of nature combined with the traditional events and ceremony will make this place unforgettable for those who have a chance to stay and enjoy the life there.




1. Lovina Beach; The Sapi Gerumbungan is held near Lovina tourism spot. Lovina is the most popular tourism spot in North Bali which serves you a beauty of natural beach with the attraction of dolphins in the free habitat. Lovina also provides you with the beauty marine lives under the sea. And the perfect sunrise in the evening has made this place a perfect choice to spend the holiday. Completed with Sapi Gerumbungan event, the spot has definitely your ultimate choice when you decide to have a vacation in Bali.




2. Preserved Ancient Traditions; Besides Sapi Gerumbungan Buleleng Bali, you still can find some old traditions preserved in Buleleng such as Megoak-goakan, NgusabaBukakak, Gebud Ende and Nyakan Diwang. There are also two villages which believed as the heritage from the pre-historic period that still preserved well by the local people: they are Julah and Sambiran.


So, when you plan to visit Bali Indonesia, make sure that you put Buleleng in your itinerary, will you?

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