Farm House Lembang: One Attraction with Multiple Stunning Spots in Bandung

When you have a chance to visit Bandung, West Java, Indonesia for holiday, one of the tourist spots you need to visit is Farm House Lembang. Located on Lembang Highway, it is not difficult to reach, just make sure you are on the right road to Lembang. Interestingly, this area has been known for many years as a destination to vacation even before the farmhouse was opened. Therefore, many inns and hotels are available around with various types and prices.

If you haven’t heard about it before, you may question; what actually in Farm House Lembang is. Farm House in Lembang is a park that is designed in a European nuance but it is combined with the beauty of tropical mountainous landscapes. Uniquely, the European atmosphere is felt very well here. Maybe, it is because Lembang, or Bandung in general, has relatively cold weather. European houses are built up very well there to provide you great spots for photography. Sure, there are still some other things to make Farm House Lembang more fascinating to visit. What are they?



Despite European houses placed in some spots, dwarfs’ houses also become another icon of this attraction. Those houses are really small but designed beautifully. They are spreading around and simply remind you of houses of dwarves in Snow White or Hobbits’ houses in the Lord of the Ring film series. Sure, you can still enter them and take some photos. But be careful, the houses’ sizes are small so that you may need to bow your head.



Mountainous areas are always considered the best place to plant flowers, vegetables, and fruits. So, you can find those gardens in Farm House Lembang also. Since those gardens are also intended for tourism, they are designed very beautifully to attract visitors more. Of course, they are also treated and arranged professionally to maintain the quality of those plants. However, you cannot easily pick those flowers and fruits. When being there, make sure to obey the rule or you may get a punishment.



Farm House Lembang is different from a zoo in which many wild animals are walking and running around. But believe it or not, the atmosphere is just very similar. It is because this tourist attraction provides a spot with many tame animals like horses, rabbits, iguanas, birds, and more. You can let your kids play with them. Then, make sure to perpetuate this moment by capturing some pictures. You should not worry since those animals are always kept healthy and clean by the staff.



In Seoul, South Korea, there is Namsan Tower where couples put locks to “lock” their loves. Well, Bandung also has it in Farm House Lembang. However, the place with love locks is not a tower just like in Seoul but it is a bridge. To get the locks, you can buy it in the place that has been provided. Of course, it is also possible to bring them from home. So, are you interested to spend your holiday at Farm House Lembang Bandung?

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