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ling li miao

The Unforgotten Ling Li Miao Temple in Bali Religious Tourism 

Miao is a Hokkian term for temple. In Indonesia, some terms are used for temples. They include klenteng,  or tokong. The term is derived from the sounds produced by bells when Hindu people do their rituals. As the name suggests, Ling Li Miao is a Chinese temple. It is located in Tanah Kilap, Pemogan, South Denpasar, Bali. As it is located in the central part of Bali, the tourists can easily access the temple and see some unique things inside and outside the temple.



denpasar church

Santo Yoseph Denpasar Church: A Unique Church in Town

Bali is a perfect picture of cultural melting process. One of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia, Bali offers unique cultural and religious attractions. The tourists can see a picture of harmony among different religions and cultures. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, and Chinese people live in a shared environment here. The point is that Balinese people love the culture. This is manifested in many ways, including architectural design of religious buildings like Santo Yoseph Church in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.



Food Mania

ikan asin
Introducing "Ikan Asin", a Savory and Nutritious Side Dish of Indonesia
Since fresh fish generally very quickly deteriorates, people need to find the fish preservative method to ensure that the fish they caught can be stored for some times and still edible. The method of preserving fish has been known for centuries, usually by drying or salting. Ikan asin is the result of preserving the fish using salt.




Serba serbi Lebaran Sapi Bagaimana Sejarah dan Tradisinya

Serba-serbi Lebaran Sapi: Bagaimana Sejarah dan Tradisinya?

Siapa yang tidak bahagia saat lebaran tiba? Banyak orang merayakannya dengan melakukan tradisi mudik lebaran, silaturahmi, dan menyantap ketupat bersama keluarga. Namun, apakah perayaan itu juga berlaku untuk lebaran sapi? Simak ulasan berikut ini untuk mengetahui sejarah, tata cara, peralatan, hingga filosofinya.

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